Heel to toe drop- 10mm
Stack height 23mm-13mm
Weight Men’s size- 9: 315g
Women’s size- 7: 255g

What they say:

The GEL-Nimbus 18 is a comfortable and extremely well cushioned shoe for neutral runners and those with rigid foot types. This model incorporates Convergence GEL, an improved GEL that sits closer to the foot and increases cushioning and shock attenuation. A new Engineered / Jacquard mesh upper construction reduces the number of seams and material overlays, improving comfort and fit while a stronger External Heel Counter bolsters support for neutral runners. Built on a Fluid Ride midsole, and now with the addition of an Ortholite Lasting, you are guaranteed the plushest ride yet from a GEL-Nimbus.

What we say:

The Nimbus 18 hasn’t changed allot from the 17’s. This is when the Nimbus had an update on the tooling of the shoe. Asics decided to reposition the new Convergence GEL in the 18’s to be closer to the foot. This is to provide as closer to the foot cushion system when heel striking. This also provides more stability to the lateral side of the shoe and less likely to compress too quickly.

The weight of the shoe remains unchanged and so does the fit. However a nice new upper on the 18 gives it a close to foot fit feel and feels comfortable. No spots or seams to irritate the foot.
Tradition Nimbus wearers will continue to like the plush cushioned feel of the 18’s and should feel the benefit of the closer to foot feel of the rear foot gel. If wearing orthotics or inserts, these are easy to fit and feel comfortable in the shoe without losing any depth.

On first feel the 18’s feel plush and cushioned under the whole foot. At a walk you feel like you’re walking on clouds. The shoe feels comfortable and flexible but still offers structure to the foot with the use of the guidance trusstic to make sure the shoe guides the foot from heel contact to take off with little issue.
At a run the shoe continues on from the walk feeling very soft and fluffy under foot. For myself I feel the shoe is on the heavier side and a bit too soft but I know allot will love it. For the runner who is heavy on their feet or who has a heavy heel contact with the ground, they will find this shoe is very good at absorbing the impact. It then continues on through the running cycle to provide an even feel of cushioning through to toe off.

Even a runner or walker who has issue with the balls of their feet and needs good cushioning you can’t go past the Nimbus 18. As an everyday shoe for exercise at the gym to walking and running this shoe just feels great from that first time you put it on.
A true neutral shoe for the people who don’t need support this shoe will perform in all activities and over all distances on the run.

Get in to your nearest Active Feet store and get fitted to try them out for you. You will never know unless you try them on and give them a run.