At active feet we stock a full range of performance footwear from leading brands. Our Podiatric team have road tested and assessed every shoe that makes it into our stores. That's many hundreds of shoes- yes, we take shoes very seriously. This is how we ensure that we have the best selection available for running, trail, walking and sport activities. From the footpaths to the trail, our combination of shoes allows for the best selection, application and weight for all you’re exercising needs.

Footwear Range- active feet
Shoe brands have a vast array of running shoe models suitable for those engaging in anything from recreational jogging through to high mileage running and racing.
Off road running has some unique shoe requirements, and subsequently our range caters for variations in the bio mechanical considerations of foot posture, shoe weight, terrain type, protection and grip.
Sport Specific
Our sport specific range encompasses the best available selection of Cross-trainers, Netball shoes & lightweight gym shoes.

Tech Walking
‘Tech Walking’ is a category born from the need for a daily stable, cushioned and versatile shoe. Our ‘Tech walking’ range include a variety of gore-tex lined, full-grain leather and daily motion facilitation shoes, as well as some supportive summer options.

At active feet we provide a strong range of running and sporting solutions for our customers. From leading industry technical apparel (2XU, Nike) to sport specific GPS units (Garmin) and a huge array of performance socks, our expert staff can assist you in all of your running and sporting accessory needs.
Compression clothing has been proven to enhance athlete performance before, during and after activity through improved circulation, muscle containment and reduced muscle vibration. Wearing compression garments can assist in reducing muscle damage and fatigue as well as speeding up the muscle recovery process.