shoe club

Welcome to the active feet Shoe Club. The Shoe Club is a rewards program specifically designed for active feet customers and is absolutely FREE to join. As a member of the club, you will have access to a variety of benefits that are exclusively promoted to our VIP customers. As an addition to the service that you receive when you visit us in store, you will also have access to:


Optional Booking

This system enables you to select a desired time and date for your preferred store so that you get preference when fitted up by one of our staff. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

As a Shoe Club member if you have purchased one of the recommended shoes, we will guarantee that purchase for 30 days, regardless of wear.

Member Specials

You will have access to member only specials across the year in our store categories.  This includes trail, tech walking, running, sport specific, accessories and compression.

Footwear History

Your sales history and assessment notes will be accessible by your assessor so that they can consider your full footwear history when recommending a shoe.

Practitioner Followup

Details of your footwear assessment can be forwarded to your referring practitioner by request to assist with any biomechanical or injury related concerns.

Product Updates

You will be entitled to subscribe to email product updates on areas of interest.

Event Invitations

As a member, you can receive invitations for FREE entries into various running and triathlon events across Melbourne.

Shoe Reviews

Receive regular blogs on shoe reviews written by our sports podiatrists

Join the Club!

If you wish to know more about the program or wish to join, please ask any of our friendly staff at your local active feet store.

*Please note that active feet reserves the right to discontinue or make amendments to the active feet Shoe Club at any time and without notice. If you are concerned about your privacy in regards to information provided for the Shoe Club please read our Privacy Policy.