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13 04, 2016


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Heel to toe drop 5mm
Stack height 29mm-24mm
Weight Men’s size 9: 235g women’s size 7: 203g


Ultra-Lightweight No Sew SpeedFrame Construction
Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry
Full-length Compression-Molded
EVA Midsole
Full Ground Contact Design
Strategic Rubber Placement for Lightweight Durability

What they say:

The lightest yet!
For 2015, the award-winning Clifton receives an updated upper with a focus on lightweight comfort in the cliFTon 2. A softer, lightly padded tongue provides increased protection across the foot, and structural overlays improve midfoot support. The industry-leading ride remains unchanged, and the road-focused outsole includes slight updates to the rubber placement to improve durability. When all is said and done, one of our favourite shoes just got better.

What we say:

So Hoka One One you say? You have heard something, somewhere about this shoe. What is it and what is it like? Well I have had the opportunity to run in the update of the Clifton with the Clifton 2. This is the first time for me in this Brand and type of shoe. The rocker/highly cushioned shoe has always been of interest to me and I wasn’t disappointed. First couple of short runs to adapt to the new style of runner had me thinking about my foot placement to make sure I was feeling comfortable with the shoes. After a while I didn’t even notice that how I was landing as the rocker in the Clifton, which sits around mid-foot, was helping my transition from mid foot to forefoot without any trouble at all. No stiffness in the forefoot and just felt plush from midfoot through to toe off. The increased stack height gives you that plush smooth feeling underfoot. Out for a 10km run next and the shoes feel great. The Clifton feels super light, which it is, and plush. Not to plush though that you can’t feel the surface under foot. It has just the right amount of cushioning to make you feel like your feet are on pillows. The transition from midfoot to forefoot is silky smooth and helps you to correct your foot strike if you do tent to land on your heel. I feel the longer I run, distance wise, the better this shoe would be. On 100km races these shoes would be sweet. After a fair few runs in this shoe I have come to love the feeling it provides when compared to standard running shoes. It’s a nice change and my feet have thanked me for it. It is a soft shoe so if you are after a more supportive option I would suggest looking at the Vanquish or Bondi. I feel these shoes are great for higher impact and help reduce the load that comes from running. Not once did I feel unstable in the shoes even with the increased stack height when compare to standard runners. The only time I felt a bit out of place was on the athletics track. The combination of spongy track and shoes left me feeling like in didn’t know where my feet were. Over all I would suggest to give these shoe a go when looking for a new shoe to add into the mix. A nice change of shoe and feeling as well as reducing the impact. Without the added weight. If you tend to suffer from heel pain or sore feet from high impact as well as sore feet from stiff shoes, you can’t go past the Hoka range for providing a plush, silky smooth ride for any runner and to any distance.

26 02, 2016


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Heel to toe drop- 10mm
Stack height 23mm-13mm
Weight Men’s size- 9: 315g
Women’s size- 7: 255g

What they say:

The GEL-Nimbus 18 is a comfortable and extremely well cushioned shoe for neutral runners and those with rigid foot types. This model incorporates Convergence GEL, an improved GEL that sits closer to the foot and increases cushioning and shock attenuation. A new Engineered / Jacquard mesh upper construction reduces the number of seams and material overlays, improving comfort and fit while a stronger External Heel Counter bolsters support for neutral runners. Built on a Fluid Ride midsole, and now with the addition of an Ortholite Lasting, you are guaranteed the plushest ride yet from a GEL-Nimbus.

What we say:

The Nimbus 18 hasn’t changed allot from the 17’s. This is when the Nimbus had an update on the tooling of the shoe. Asics decided to reposition the new Convergence GEL in the 18’s to be closer to the foot. This is to provide as closer to the foot cushion system when heel striking. This also provides more stability to the lateral side of the shoe and less likely to compress too quickly.

The weight of the shoe remains unchanged and so does the fit. However a nice new upper on the 18 gives it a close to foot fit feel and feels comfortable. No spots or seams to irritate the foot.
Tradition Nimbus wearers will continue to like the plush cushioned feel of the 18’s and should feel the benefit of the closer to foot feel of the rear foot gel. If wearing orthotics or inserts, these are easy to fit and feel comfortable in the shoe without losing any depth.

On first feel the 18’s feel plush and cushioned under the whole foot. At a walk you feel like you’re walking on clouds. The shoe feels comfortable and flexible but still offers structure to the foot with the use of the guidance trusstic to make sure the shoe guides the foot from heel contact to take off with little issue.
At a run the shoe continues on from the walk feeling very soft and fluffy under foot. For myself I feel the shoe is on the heavier side and a bit too soft but I know allot will love it. For the runner who is heavy on their feet or who has a heavy heel contact with the ground, they will find this shoe is very good at absorbing the impact. It then continues on through the running cycle to provide an even feel of cushioning through to toe off.

Even a runner or walker who has issue with the balls of their feet and needs good cushioning you can’t go past the Nimbus 18. As an everyday shoe for exercise at the gym to walking and running this shoe just feels great from that first time you put it on.
A true neutral shoe for the people who don’t need support this shoe will perform in all activities and over all distances on the run.

Get in to your nearest Active Feet store and get fitted to try them out for you. You will never know unless you try them on and give them a run.

27 01, 2016

Salomon wings pro 2

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Heel to toe drop- 10m
Stack height- 20mm-10mm
Weight Men’s size- 9: 346g
Women’s size- 7: 305g

What they say:

Taking direct design and performance inspiration from S-LAB, the WINGS PRO is the ultimate, all-terrain trail running shoe.

What we say:

The Wings Pro has been a very good versatile shoe over its time and now it’s had an upgrade. Keeping with the traditional Wings fit the offers cushioning and stability for those who want to be sturdy yet comfortable on the trails.

There are a few notable differences between the models. First you see the upper has changed slightly. A new stitch on the upper and heat moulded mid foot wrap around rather than the stitching you used to see. Still has toe protection for the upper but the rubber toe guard has gone. Same lacing and tongue and same great heel counter that gives the foot stability. A slightly lower cut around the ankle so anyone who felt it was a bit high and may rub, will feel better in this.

Most notable is the change in the midsole of the shoe. The plastic stability piece that ran from heel counter to fore foot in the older model has changed to just incorporate the heel counter to mid foot. This has improved flexibility of the forefoot of the shoe. A great improvement of what was a stiff shoe. However still keeping the foot supported through the medial side but Salomon have now taken away the medial posting. Just using the plastic to offer the support in the midsole. Taking away the medial posting is not an issue as the plastic support does enough to keep the mid foot supported. Next we flip the shoe over and see that the basic design of the sole is the same but the lugs have changed. Square shaped and bigger the lugs are should provide adequate grip on any surface from soft ground to firm tracks. Even on road they don’t feel too bad at all.

Comfort of the shoe is great with cushioning in the new model feeling much better with more response. The previous model was very slappy on impact with the ground and performed better on soft surface. However this model feels great on all terrains. Good response with support gives the shoe a big tick.

Over all a great improvement on the previous model, the Wings Pro 2 offers trail runner’s great support, stability, flexibility and conform for all trail conditions. It really is an all-terrain shoe and will get you from A-B in comfort. Walkers and day hikers will enjoy the benefits this shoe has to offer as well.

15 01, 2016

Brooks Transcend 3

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  • New engineered laser-cut mesh upper offers a better fit and moisture management
  • Super DNA midsole provides the ultimate in adaptive cushioning
  • Rounded heel offers better alignment, minimizing stress on joints
  • Guide Rails
  • 309g for men/269g for women
  • $260
  • 24mm/16mm- 8mm drop

What they say:  

If you’re looking for the ultimate in cushion with great support, look to the Transcend 3. Our most technically advanced shoe provides an unparalleled soft ride and dependable, adaptable support to keep your body aligned, Go ahead, safely rack up the miles in plush comfort.

What we say:

Recently we received the Brooks Transcend 3 in store. There are some notable changes which have occurred between the Transcend 2 to Transcend 3. One big change is the weight of the shoe. The Transcend 2 weighed in at 356g for men and 275g for women while the Transcend 3 weighs in at 309g mens and 269g for women. This version also has greater flexibility through the forefoot allowing for a much more smoother ride.

Previous models I have found myself the Transcend has been difficult to fit orthotics in. The Transcend 3 feels deeper through the toe box and with the new engineered laser cut mesh upper it offers more width than previous models, making for a better fit for orthotics. Brooks have also stayed with their adaptive cushioning system of Super DNA which still give the consumer that very plush feel like previous Transcend Models.

Brooks have stayed with the guide rails from the previous model, however the guide rails are now moulded into the midsole. By doing this it has taken a considerable amount of weight out of the shoe. Previous version’s had glued on guide rails which added weight. With the guide rails also being softer it creates a plusher feel underfoot.

The Transcend 3 is such a versatile shoe that it competes with many of our options which would include, Hoka Stinston, Asics Kayano, Brooks Ravenna, Saucony Hurricane, Saucony Guide, Asics 2000 and Mizuno Inspire.

In summing up I think there are some great updates on this shoe and I believe it will work for a lot of our customers so be sure to take it out and even give it a try yourself!